I received a Notice to Appear from the Immigration Court located at 26 Federal Plaza, New York, NY . . . What can I do and can I stop the deportation?

Well, the very first thing you shouldn’t do is ignore it!!!!!!! This is a very important document which basically demands that you show up in Immigration Court in New York City and defend yourself from deportation. Essentially, Immigration (DHS) is trying
to deport you out of the country. So, the earlier you get started with preparing your defense, the greater the likelihood of success in stopping the deportation. All too often clients seem to think that if they delay a case, it might go away. This is exactly what you
shouldn’t do. In fact, ignoring a Notice to Appear can have irreparable consequences. Think of a deportation case as being somewhat similar to a criminal case. Would you ignore a court date in a criminal case?

Be proactive!!!! Don’t just be defensive. Go on the offense . . . Just because you are fighting a very powerful government agency doesn’t mean the odds are against you. There are many times that Immigration (DHS) even makes mistakes. Yes, this happens.
Remember, behind DHS are real people.

Do you need a lawyer? Well, ask yourself whether you would defend yourself in a criminal case. If the answer is heck no, you are on the right track.

The lesson to be learned is the quicker you react and are prepared, the more the likelihood that you will have a positive outcome in your deportation case.