Applying for Asylum in New York City

From the many types of clients that appear in my office, some of the saddest stories are probably from clients that are seeking asylum in the United States. It is true that every personal story has its own tragedies. However, most of the individuals I meet seeking asylum have lived through some horrific events unlike most.

These cases should be taken extremely serious as someone’s life is likely at stake. Returning an asylum seeker back to the country that they are scared to return to is something that I just can’t live with. It is because of this, that I feel that I have a great obligation to try to protect my client and their family.

Look, the fact is that an asylum case is not an easy case. The asylum office of the United States Citizenship & Immigration Service and/or the Immigration Court will want you to prove your case. So, how do you prove your asylum case? What if you don’t have any documents to prove that you are subject to persecution? These are great questions. You should know that it is actually rare that a client comes into my office with all the proofs in hand. In some cases, the client was so fearful that the client literally left with nothing but the clothes on his back. The law does allow a fact finder to approve a case without
any evidence in the form of supporting documents. In some cases, the testimony of the asylum seeker may be enough.

An asylum seeker should always proceed with caution when filing for asylum. Some mistakes may not be fixable. This is why someone should always proceed with the advice of a licensed and experienced attorney. Yes, it will costs money but I assure you, if things go bad during your asylum process because of ignorance of the law, it will cost you much much more to try to fix the problem, if it is at all even possible. Remember the best investment is investing in yourself and your family.