Deportation Immigration Court at 26 Federal Plaza, New York City, NY Based on Criminal Arrest/ Conviction

What can a person do if they are summoned to appear through a Notice to Appear at the Immigration

Court in New York City located at 26 Federal Plaza?

The first thing to do is not to panic.

The second thing to do is to make sure to plan to attend and appear at the scheduled hearing that
appears on the Notice to Appear or Court Notice.

The third thing to do is be fully prepared, advised and knowledgeable about your rights, obligations and
the law. Do you understand what I mean? No? . . . If you don’t understand (which unless you are an
immigration lawyer, I don’t expect you to understand) then meet and speak with an immigration lawyer
who does these cases for a living. Let me try to put it in perspective for you. Quite often, I’m asked “Do
I need a lawyer for my Deportation Immigration Court case where I received a Notice to Appear at 26
Federal Plaza, New York City?” I usually respond by asking them another question. I ask them whether
they need to go to a doctor to treat a fractured bone? They likely can find the method of treatment
on the internet. But, would they try to treat the fracture on their own? I doubt it and if they would,
they are likely to do something wrong. The same is true for a deportation hearing in immigration court,
especially when it involved criminal arrests or convictions.

I can tell you from experience that being a green card holder (permanent resident) does not guarantee
that you will be allowed to stay, irrespective of whether they have had the green card for 20 or 30
years, or even longer. In fact, just today I was in Court for a client who has been a green card holder
since 1978. Immigration (Department of Homeland Security) is trying to deport him for a small drug
possession conviction from almost 20 years ago. This is his only conviction!!!!

So . . . be proactive. Go on the offense. Don’t just act defensively. You will be in a much better position
this way.