Immigration Court located in New York City at 26 Federal Plaza, New York NY

Many individuals contact my office in some major distress because they received a “Notice to Appear” at the Executive Office for Immigration Review (also known as the Immigration Court). Most are unaware of the Immigration Court process and the various agencies involved when an individual receives this type of notice. For example, it is quite common that various agencies within the Department of Homeland Security will be involved during this process. Some of these agencies generally include, the Office of the Immigration Judge, Office of the Chief Counsel (which can be viewed as the Immigration prosecutor) and the United States Citizenship & Immigration Services (which is often the benefit/application branch). These are just some of the agencies involved in these types of matters.

What should I expect or do if I receive a “Notice to Appear” instructing me to appear at the Immigration Court located at 26 Federal Plaza, New York, NY?

One thing you must do is to make sure to appear at the date and time scheduled. If you do not, you may be ordered deported/removed without you being there. This is often called an “in absentia order”. You certainly want to avoid that. All too often clients tell me that they didn’t show up in Court because they were afraid. That is a very bad choice. Being afraid of the unknown is normal. However, there is no reason to take the advice of anyone other than an experienced immigration lawyer that often appears at the Immigration Court at 26 Federal Plaza, New York NY. Once you do appear, your case will be presented before/in front of an Immigration Judge that presides over cases at 26 Federal Plaza, New York City.

Should I or Do I need to hire a lawyer for my case at the Immigration Court located at 26 Federal Plaza?

Unlike the criminal justice system, the government will not appoint a free lawyer on your behalf. In addition, the immigration laws are probably the most complex and ever changing laws within the United States. So, the short answer is yes. I repeat . . . yes!!!! This is not the type of system where mistakes are frequently forgiven. However, I caution anyone against hiring just any attorney that claims to practice immigration law. Be smart, do your own research and make sure to hires someone that often appears at the Immigration Court at 26 Federal Plaza, New York, NY.

Who is the best immigration lawyer at the Immigration Court at 26 Federal Plaza, New York, NY?

There are times when potential clients will ask this question. I think that asking this question is synonymous with asking someone what the best car is? This is often very subjective and many factors will play into the answer. Some important factors include years of practice, type of practice, responsiveness by the lawyer’s office, treatment of clients in a compassionate manner, reasonable lawyers fees, etc. The list can go on and on. However, be smart and make your decision based on your needs and not just simply because someone said “This lawyer is the best.” In my opinion, a lawyer that can and does balance all these important factors and understands that although a law firm is a business, there is a human element that goes beyond dollars and cents is likely the lawyer that will likely be the right choice.