Can I get an Investor E2 Visa for a Small Business or Investment?

Many people assume that only individuals with large investments can get an Investor E2 Visa. This is simply wrong. In fact, I would say about 90 percent of our office’s Investor E2 Visas are for small business. So, the simple answer is that you can get an E2 Investor Visa for a Small Business. As such, the actual investment also does not have to be a large investment.

What type of business do I have to open to get an Investor E2 Visa?

Answer: To apply for an Investor E2 Visa, the types of business are tremendously broad. Just to give you an example, just in the past two months, we have filed and received approvals for business that provide various goods and services. A pool construction, renovation and maintenance business. What is interesting about this business is that it is a seasonal business that likely operates only a third of the year. Another business was a limousine business, with only one vehicle. Yet another business was a small hair salon. The fact is that you do not have to invest a lot of money to obtain an Investor E2 Visa. In fact, the investments by the above examples ranged from $28,000 to about $60,000.

What evidence or documents do I need to obtain an Investor E2 Visa?

Answer: Immigration is very flexible and understands that a business that is first starting out will need some time to get on its feet. However, some evidence of formation, existence and steps toward becoming a “real” business is required. For example, entity formation documents, tax documents, a commercial lease agreement, utilities, etc.

Can my family also benefit from my Investor E2 Visa?

Answer: Yes. Your spouse and children can get derivative status.