Immigration Deportation Lawyer in New York City Due to Criminal Arrest or Conviction?

As most people by know by now, there are many issues that arise as a result of a criminal arrest? Many questions outside of the criminal arena must be taken into consideration. What are some of them? Will I get evicted from public housing? Will I lose my student financial aid? WILL I GET DEPORTED DUE TO MY CRIMINAL ARREST OR CONVICTION?

We are living in a technologically advanced society where information is shared among many different law enforcement agencies. As such, one needs to be aware that a criminal arrest may trigger deportation. So, an arrest for what most consider a minor criminal offense in New York City may be placed in deportation proceedings in Immigration Court in New York City located at 26 Federal Plaza, New York, New York. In fact, despite the Obama Administration appearing to head in the direction of immigration amnesty, a record number of immigrants with even minor criminal offenses are still being deported. If a loved one is going through some of these issues, get an experienced immigration lawyer involved immediately.