Marriage problems with spouse (husband/wife) and green card (adjustment of status) in New York?

So, you fell in love . . . had a dream wedding and now your dream is turning into a nightmare. To make matters worse, your U.S. Citizen spouse (husband/wife) is threatening to have you deported, even though she abused you!!! Yes, I get a lot of these calls. Calls about the U.S. Citizen abusing the one without status, whether that abuse is physical, mental, emotional . . . The good news is you don’t have to fear. You can file the green card (permanent residency) on your own as an abused spouse. But, you don’t have concrete evidence of the abuse? No police report? No arrest? That is ok. It’s rare that my clients have these. Often times, these domestic violence issues go unreported. Speak to an experienced immigration lawyer that handles abuse case (VAWA – Violence Against Women). Many of my clients that are victims of spousal abuse are actually men.

Filing for Asylum Protection from New York City (Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, Bronx, Manhattan)

I wrote about this recently but I did want to add to this blog due to the heavy talk about Immigration Reform. You may have heard many rumors regarding President Trump’s immigration plans. You may have heard that he plans to get rid of “Chain Immigration”. I’m not sure if it is exactly clear what he means by this. One thing that hasnt yet been addressed by him in detail is the asylum application process. I have many clients filing for asylum from various countries such, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Ukraine, and various African countries such as Nigeria. These individuals fear returning to their home countries due to past or future persecution. Often times clients will ask me how they could prove these claims. I tell them their sworn credible testimony (at times) can be enough proof. However, ordinarily other evidence is available that they may not be educated about. That is way, clients should seek the advice of an experienced Immigration Asylum Lawyer from New York City (Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, Bronx, Manhattan) particularly if they live within the jurisdiction.

Importance of Having a Lawyer (Attorney) Represent You in Immigration Court in New York City

Do I need a lawyer (attorney) to represent me in Immigration Court at 26 Federal Plaza NYC? This is a question I hear all too often. Well, let’s put it this way . . . Does it make sense to go to a doctor when you feel sick or suffered an injury. I think the analogy makes sense. Being placed in removal/deportation proceedings through service of a Notice to Appear commanding that you appear in Immigration Court at 26 Federal Plaza, New York, NY is a setback, but it may also be a blessing in disguise. There are certain applications that can be filed only with an Immigration Judge. So, the short answer is you would likely be a fool if you don’t hire an immigration attorney to represent you. The laws, codes, regulations and policies continue to change almost daily. Hiring an experienced immigration lawyer attorney is worth the investment.

Asylum Filing in New York from Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, and Long Island Nassau, Suffolk

President Trump’s speech at the State of the Union Address hinted at certain immigration agenda and new policies, including DACA and TPS. What about asylum? Many people have been calling and asking whether there a danger that asylum will no longer be available? This has not been at the forefront of discussion. What has taken place however is that the Department Justice has all but warned Immigration Judges about high approval rates, etc. Asylum is available to those who fear returning to their home country . The United States should always remain a safe haven for people who fear returning to their home country. Applying for asylum (if eligible) may not only save you from deportation but can also lead you on a path to permanent residency.