Waivers for Immigration

There are some individuals that may not qualify for a green card (permanent residency) because of an inadmissibility issue. This may be due to a violation of status, criminal arrest history, criminal conviction, lying, fraud and misrepresentation and many more. Did you receive a denial from Immigration (DHS) USCIS and now you need to file for a waiver (I601) or a provisional waiver (I601A)? If so, do not lose hope. With the right guidance thorough an experienced immigration lawyer (attorney), this may just be a detour or hurdle.

Seeking Asylum Protection

What can one do if afraid to go back to their home country due to fear of persecution. One can seek asylum protection and file an application for asylum with Immigration-DHS-USCIS. If you live in New York City -NYC (Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, Manhattan, Staten Island) or Long Island, you will likely be called in for an asylum interview at the Asylum Office at 1065 Stewart Avenue, Bethpage, NY. At that time, an asylum officer will interview you and make a decision as to whether you should be granted asylum, denied or referred to the Immigration Court (EOIR – Executive Office for Immigration Review) located at 26 Federal Plaza, New York, NY. Like almost any other area of law, there is a strong advantage for people represented by experienced immigration lawyers. So, having a lawyer represent you with your immigration asylum case either at the asylum office in Bethpage NY or at the Immigration Court at 26 Federal Plaza, NY, NY can make a tremendous difference in the outcome of your case

Filing for Bankruptcy – Chapter 7

So, you are overcome with credit card debt. Your income is barely enough to pay your rent, utilities and put food on the table. You have heard that filing for bankruptcy will ruin your financial future. True? Dead wrong!!!! The banks and financial institutions would like you to believe that. That is just not the case. Bankruptcy will not kill your financial future. In fact, it will provide you with a fresh start. In most cases, it will even improve your credit score and most in fact begin to receive credit card offers shortly after the bankruptcy. Let’s face it, it is difficult enough to pay bills without those hefty high interest credit card bills. There is no reason to allow a bank to continue to drain you off your finances. Did you know that if an individual were to give a loan to another person with the same high interest rate that banks charge, that individual could be arrested for violating usury laws (laws that prohibit high interest rate loans) ? So, why can banks do it? Banks are exempt for the most part from such laws. Don’t allow banks to continue to abuse you. Call an experienced Chapter 7 Bankruptcy lawyer today.

Immigration (DHS – USCIS) denied case (application)

The denial states that you have 30 days to appeal, file a motion to reopen, motion to reconsider…What can you do? Dont ignore it. If you filed an application and it was denied, take action immediately and evaluate your options. There may be options available that may not available after the 30 days period. In some cases, there may be other options available even after 30days. But, immediate evaluation of a negative decisions, is usually the best scenario. In some cases, you may even be able file a new case, instead of appealing. However, in order to find the best route, you will likely need the experience of an immigration attorney.