Loved One/Family Member Arrested by Immigration (ICE, DHS)

What do you do when this happens? Many people are panicked because immigration officers/ICE/DHS/Immigration Police do not give family members any information. It is no secret that the Trump administration is stepping up all immigration enforcement and deportation efforts. Many people without any status are being arrested in New York City (Queens, Brooklyn, Bronx, Staten Island, New York), Long Island, Yonkers and Westchester. These arrests include individuals who may be here illegally, may have violated their status, may have violated their authorized stay or have been arrested or convicted of a crime (whether drugs, assault, burglary, DWI, etc). Some of these family members have been told that nothing can be done for somebody in that situation. Please be weary of individuals giving that type of advice. Here is a news flash, it may in fact be that in deportation proceedings you may actually be able to file for a greencard (permanent residency) when in fact you couldn’t have filed before deportation. There are also situations where a greencard holder (permanent resident) is put into deportation. In those cases, you may also be able to apply for applications that would allow you to be forgiven (waiver) to those criminal convictions. But you must act quick. You must act fast. There are situations where immigration will take somebody arrested in New York and ship them all the way across the country. If you act fast and work with an experienced immigration attorney, you may be able to stop the transfer of a loved one from your state to a very distant state. The immigration laws are one of the most complicated laws of the United States. Do not attempt to take action on your own. Speak to an experienced immigration attorney serving New York City (Queens, Brooklyn, Bronx, Staten Island, New York), Long Island, Yonkers and Westchester. Our office has been providing immigration legal services for nearly 20 years.

High Interest Credit Card Making You Feel Hopeless

Let’s face it, most people are burdened with high balances on credit cards and high interest rates. Not matter how much you seem to pay and how often, your balances never seem to be reduced. Is there a way to legally get rid of credit card debt without ruining your credit? Is there a way to get rid of credit card debt but still be able to get new credit cards with a credit line? You will be surprised to find out that the answer is yes. Banks want you to think that the solution known as bankruptcy would be the death of your credit. However, this is absolutely wrong. In most cases, people are able to file for bankruptcy and legally get rid of all their credit card debt while being able to keep all their assets (if covered by an exemption). In fact, after filing bankruptcy most people will see not only an increase in their credit report, over time, but will also begin to receive credit card offers shortly. Do not be fooled by the banks. If you are troubled by credit card debt and are having financial difficulties, do not wait. Speak to an experienced bankruptcy attorney in New York City (Queens, Brooklyn, Bronx, Staten Island, New York), Long Island, Yonkers and Westchester.