I have been in the United States for 10 years. Recently DHS Immigration ICE contacted me and put me in deportation. I have a hearing coming up in front of the Immigration Court Executive Office fire Immigration Review at 26 Federal Plaza, New York NY with an Immigration Judge. I am from a country that punishes people for free speech and does not tolerate any criticism of the government. I have never requested asylum before. Can I still apply for asylum even though I have been here a long time?

Although there is a requirement that asylum applications should be filed within one year of entering the USA, the law does allow for exceptions to the 1 year rule. There are exceptions that may make a person eligible for asylum even though it’s been more than a year. However, even if someone does not have a viable excuse for not filing asylum within a year, they can still be considered for withholding of removal, which will also essentially permits a person to stay in the United States. There are somewhat intricate differences. Speak to an exerienced immigration lawyer that is often at 26 Federal Plaza, New York City.

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