Filing for Bankruptcy – Chapter 7

So, you are overcome with credit card debt. Your income is barely enough to pay your rent, utilities and put food on the table. You have heard that filing for bankruptcy will ruin your financial future. True? Dead wrong!!!! The banks and financial institutions would like you to believe that. That is just not the case. Bankruptcy will not kill your financial future. In fact, it will provide you with a fresh start. In most cases, it will even improve your credit score and most in fact begin to receive credit card offers shortly after the bankruptcy. Let’s face it, it is difficult enough to pay bills without those hefty high interest credit card bills. There is no reason to allow a bank to continue to drain you off your finances. Did you know that if an individual were to give a loan to another person with the same high interest rate that banks charge, that individual could be arrested for violating usury laws (laws that prohibit high interest rate loans) ? So, why can banks do it? Banks are exempt for the most part from such laws. Don’t allow banks to continue to abuse you. Call an experienced Chapter 7 Bankruptcy lawyer today.

Immigration (DHS – USCIS) denied case (application)

The denial states that you have 30 days to appeal, file a motion to reopen, motion to reconsider…What can you do? Dont ignore it. If you filed an application and it was denied, take action immediately and evaluate your options. There may be options available that may not available after the 30 days period. In some cases, there may be other options available even after 30days. But, immediate evaluation of a negative decisions, is usually the best scenario. In some cases, you may even be able file a new case, instead of appealing. However, in order to find the best route, you will likely need the experience of an immigration attorney.

Were you ordered deported by an Immigration Judge in NY, NJ or any other state?

In some cases now, you may now be eligible to have your case reopened. Yes. you can do something about your deportation. Due to a U.S. Supreme Court Decision on June 21, 2018, countless people who are in removal or deportation proceedings, or with orders of deportation by Immigration Court may now be eligible to have their cases reconsidered or perhaps reopened. It can also apply to people granted voluntary departure or some other quasi status. Naturally, you need to meet the criteria set forth. Give our office a call to see whether you may qualify

Immigration Court at 26 Federal Plaza, NY, NY (Manhattan)

You received a Notice to Appear from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security that states that you are in removal proceedings under section 240 of the Immigration and Nationality Act. What do you do? Before I get into that, let’s discuss what you should not do . . . Do not fail to appear. Appear at the address specified in the Notice to Appear at the date and time stated. Do not ignore it. Do not panic. What you should do is to prepare carefully and strategically. If you live in Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, Manhattan or Staten Island you have likely been commanded to appear the Immigration Court (also known as the EOIR -Executive Office for Immigration Review) at 26 Federal Plaza 12 Floor Room 1237 New York New York. Do you need a lawyer for immigration court in New York City? This is not like traffic court in NYC. Immigration law is very complex. It is policy driven and how laws and regulations are implemented can change daily. My opinion is that it would be foolish to proceed with your immigration deportation case in NYC without a lawyer. This is where your money would be wisely invested into you and your family’s future. This decision could very well make a world of a difference as to whether you get to remain in the U.S..

Criminal Charges . . . but not a United States Citizen

It is no secret that the Trump Administration has a tough view on immigration. More than ever, Immigration Agency has started targeting immigrants with criminal charges and or criminal convictions. It is very important that an immigrant who was arrested and has criminal court charges or has a criminal consult an immigration lawyer. This is true even in NYC. The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and U.S. Immigration (Immigration Customs Enforcement – ICE) is targeting immigrants (whether no status or a permanent resident (green Card holder) throughout NYC (Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, Bronx and Manhattan) with criminal arrests and placing certain of these immigrants into removal (deportation) proceedings. ICE is also detaining some of these immigrants in so called immigration detention (jails) centers. So, unless a person is a US citizen, it is important that the person that was arrested IMMEDIATELY contacts an experienced immigration lawyer to work with the criminal defense lawyer.

Debt Settlement: Pointless?

Have you recently decided to consolidate your credit card debt and/or use a debt settlement company to settle credit card debt? Most will be surprised to learn this almost never works. What you’re attempting to accomplish is get a credit card company to accept a fraction of the debt owed. The emphasis is that the credit card company has to be willing to accept your offer. Is there another solution? The answer is unequivocally yes. You can use federal law to wipe out your entire debt, while at the same time repairing your credit score. You will also be surprised to know that most can keep their home, keep their cars, keep their money in their bank accounts and other personal assets as NY and federal law have exemptions available that will likely allow you to keep these assets and still file for bankruptcy. Want to know how? Contact an experienced bankruptcy attorney/chapter 7 attorney that handles cases in Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, Bronx and Long Island. This is likely the ultimate solution to your credit card balance problems.

Credit Card Balance/Debt and Lawsuits

Most people are surprised to find out that filing for bankruptcy can actually help with your credit score. What? A client recently called me from Queens to get some advice pertaining to a lawsuit for a credit card balance that was filed. The client informed me that he had a debt settlement company a year ago to try to settle the debt. It didn’t take too long to figure out that settlement almost never proves to be useful. The client said he was hesitant to file bankruptcy because he thought he would not be eligible and/or it would ruin his credit. I informed the client that this was all misinformation and that the opposite was in fact true. Most people are shocked when they hear that bankruptcy can wipe out all their debt and still help increase their credit score. If you have credit card debt/balances and you live in NYC (Queens, Brooklyn, Staten Island) and Long Island, you should consult with a bankruptcy lawyer. You will likely be surprised that most people can file for bankruptcy and wipe out their credit card debt and still keep all their assets.

Filing the I-751, Application to Remove Conditions on Residence – Filing for your Permanent Greencard After the Grant of a Two Year Card

It’s time now to file for your permanent greencard. The application is ordinarily filed jointly (together with your U.S. citizen spouse). We have many clients from New York City (Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, Manhattan, Bronx), Long Island and New Jersey that contact us and tell us that their spouse (husband or wife) will not be signing the application. In many cases, our clients go on to tell us that they’re having marital problems and that their spouse has refused to sign the application and/or is missing and/or has left the marital residence. Can you proceed to file the application without your spouse signing it? The answer is yes. There are exceptions to the joint filing requirement. There are circumstances that permit the filing of the I-751 application on your own based on marital problems and/or based on spousal abuse. This abuse can be mental, emotional and/or physical. If you fall within these categories, do not lose hope. You can file the I-751 (Application to Remove Conditions on Residence) without the involvement of your spouse if you meet certain conditions. You should however consult with an experienced immigration attorney serving New York City – NYC (Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, Manhattan, Bronx), Long Island and New Jersey.

Worried about the Trump administration’s immigration deportation enforcement in NY?

By now, you likely heard about the stepped up enforcement by Immigration officials. You may even know someone detained jailed at the Hudson County Jail, Bergen County Jail or Essex County Jail. Yes . . . . It’s happening. I know you may hear some say the Obama Administration deported more. Well, I’m not sure if that is true, but even if it is, there were more opportunities for relief during the Obama Administration. Be prepared. Be proactive not defensive. What do I mean? Consult with an experienced immigration deportation lawyer / attorney in your geographical area, whether in Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, Bronx, Manhattan or Long Island.

Marriage problems with spouse (husband/wife) and green card (adjustment of status) in New York?

So, you fell in love . . . had a dream wedding and now your dream is turning into a nightmare. To make matters worse, your U.S. Citizen spouse (husband/wife) is threatening to have you deported, even though she abused you!!! Yes, I get a lot of these calls. Calls about the U.S. Citizen abusing the one without status, whether that abuse is physical, mental, emotional . . . The good news is you don’t have to fear. You can file the green card (permanent residency) on your own as an abused spouse. But, you don’t have concrete evidence of the abuse? No police report? No arrest? That is ok. It’s rare that my clients have these. Often times, these domestic violence issues go unreported. Speak to an experienced immigration lawyer that handles abuse case (VAWA – Violence Against Women). Many of my clients that are victims of spousal abuse are actually men.