Debt Solutions in NYC

If you are struggling with debt in NYC, you likely want to know if there are actually any real debt solutions out there. To put it simply, YES! You have options available to you that will help to eliminate your debt so you can start over in a stronger position. Of course, the banks, credit card companies, and others don’t want you to use these options since it will mean they can’t keep profiting off of your debt for years to come. If you live in NYC, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, or Staten Island, read on to discover what the most effective debt solution is for you.

Lots of Debt Solution Options

If you have listened to advertisements on the radio or television, you have undoubtedly heard about a lot of companies that are offering different debt related services. Some of them are debt management companies that will take your paycheck and make sure all your bills are paid each month. Others are debt consolidation companies that get you a large loan to pay off all your debts so you just have one monthly payment to cover them all. Still others are just financial advisers who can offer helpful advice on how to manage your finances.
While these are all options that can serve a purpose, none of them will actually help you eliminate your debt. Given that they can’t do this, you might be wondering if they are actually debt solutions, or just companies trying to make money off of your difficult financial situation. We won’t question their motives, but we will question how effective they can be at helping you eliminate your debts.

A Real Debt Solution in New York

For many people struggling with debt, the only real permeant solution is Chapter 7 bankruptcy. This may sound like an extreme option, but the reality is, your situation is likely the exact time when bankruptcy laws are supposed to be used. Rather than just shuffling your debt around, or taking steps to make it seem less overwhelming, bankruptcy actually eliminates your debt. This will let you step forward into the future confidently, and ready to start over without the burdens of excessive debt.
While credit card companies and other lenders would have you believe that bankruptcy will cause you to lose all your assets, including your home and vehicles, that is almost never the case. We can help you keep all these important items, and just get rid of the unwanted debt. Once done, this will have you ready to emerge from the bankruptcy in as strong a financial position as possible.

Working with Bankruptcy Experts

Going through a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy is an important process, and one that needs to be handled correctly. Talking with an experienced attorney is the best way to navigate the court system, and ensure you are protected every step of the way. We can also review your current situation and offer you advice on how to best proceed. To learn more, or to set up a consultation, please give us a call at 1-718-646-5783 today.