Eliminate Credit Card Debt in NYC

Struggling with credit card debt is a terrible feeling. For many people, debt can seem like an insurmountable obstacle that can’t be overcome. Constantly making the minimum payments, if you’re even able to make those, is like treading water at best. At that rate, it would take many years to finally get everything paid off, and that is only if you can manage to avoid any type of unexpected expenses. If you’re looking for an effective way to get rid of your credit card debt, Chapter 7 Bankruptcy may be the perfect solution for you.

Permanent Solution to Credit Card Debt

One of the best things about Chapter 7 Bankruptcy is that it is a permanent solution to your credit card debt. Most other programs that say they will help you find debt relief are actually just ways to make sure you are making your monthly payments. This is just what the banks and credit card companies want. As long as you are stuck paying just the minimum balance due, or even a little over that, they will keep making money on you for years to come.
With Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, however, you will actually be eliminating the principal balance that you owe to these companies. This process is often described as giving you a fresh start, and that is just what it can do. It is a one-time solution to a debt issue that you have likely been dealing with for a very long time. Don’t stay trapped under the thumb of the banks, free yourself with this effective solution.

A Safe & Legal Option

Some people worry that going through bankruptcy will ruin their credit for years to come. The fact is, once you go through the bankruptcy process, you can usually start building up your credit score almost immediately. Since you will no longer be burdened by the high debt levels, you can make all your other monthly payments, which will help your credit score to climb. Most people start getting credit card offers within a few months after a bankruptcy. If you are certain that you can be careful and avoid falling into heavy debt again, these cards can further help you to improve your overall score.
It is also important to remember that Chapter 7 Bankruptcy is a legal process that was set up specifically to help people who are struggling to get out of debt. Don’t let the banks, credit card companies, or others make you feel bad for using the system as it was designed. These financial institutions take advantage of every legal avenue possible to maximize their profit, you should always use every legal option you have at your disposal to protect yourself and your financial future.

Experienced Bankruptcy Attorney

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