Immigration Court Representation in New York City

I am sure everybody has heard a great deal about immigration and President Trump. You may have heard the Trump administration speak about building a wall and the removal and deportation of people that are here without status (illegal). Immigration starts the deportation or removal process usually through the service of a Notice to Appear. If you live in the New York City (NYC) jurisdiction, a person would likely receive a Notice to Appear commanding that the person appears at Immigration Court located 26 Federal Plaza, New York, NY. Upon receipt of this document, a person should begin preparations to defend themselves from deportation or removal from the United States. There are many opportunities that may present themselves when you are in immigration court. There may be applications that can be filed to allow you to obtain permanent residency (a greencard). However, one must be diligent and seek an experienced immigration lawyer that serves the immigration court at 26 Federal Plaza, New York, NY. If you were served with a Notice to Appear, do not panic. This may in fact be a blessing in disguise.