Immigration doesn’t believe my marriage is real

You fall in love . . . get married . . . file your application for a green card (permanent residency) . . . and then appear for your interview at 26 Federal Plaza, NY, NY. All of a sudden, you feel your life is turned upside down because immigration (USCIS – DHS) does not believe you entered the marriage in good faith. Whether you receive a denial of your family petition (I-130) or adjustment of status application (I-485) or are scheduled for a “Stokes” interview, you must act quick. You can never be over-prepared for these matters. A decision may need to be made whether to appeal the denial of the family petition, or whether you may file new applications. You must need be intimidated by the powerful U.S. government. It is not realistic to think that you alone can take on the Department of Homeland Security. Dont go at it alone. Speak with someone that has had countless interactions with the powerful immigration agency.