Business Law

Business-LawMr. Gursoy has been representing businesses for over 11 years involving many issues that confront businesses.

To begin with, we will help you figure out the type of business entity that most suits your business needs. There are many different forms of business entities, such as sole proprietorships, corporations (“Corp.”, “Inc.”, “Ltd.”), and limited liability companies (“LLC”).

Before you create a company, you should know the advantages and disadvantages of each. Also, if you create a corporation, should it be a “S Corporation” or a “C Corporation”. At the Gursoy Law Firm, we will help you decide what type of company is the best choice for the type of business you will start.

These are just some examples of why it is important to work with an experienced lawyer to make the best business decisions that can affect the future of your company. The Gursoy Law Firm has over 11 years experience representing businesses and business owners. Only an experienced lawyer and professional can help you make these most important decisions.

Do you have business partners? Did you know that at the time of forming a company, certain issues should be immediately resolved. There may be many things you may not have thought of. What will happen if you have a disagreement with your partner? Can you buy each other out? What happens if your partner wants to sell his share of the business to someone else without your consent? What happens when your partner dies? Do you become partners with his family? Who should make business decisions in the company? The types of issues that may arise are endless. That is why you should have an experienced lawyer help you when you decide to start a business.

We have served businesses and business owners in many of these business related areas:

  • Creation and Formation of Companies
  • Required filings with the State upon Formation
  • Agreements among Partners in a Business
  • Buying/Selling Business
  • Lease Negotiations Licensing of Business
  • Employment Contracts Business Disputes and Lawsuits

Whatever your business needs may be, please call the Gursoy Law Firm to help you with these issues.