I just completed my adjustment of status interview (application for a green card interview) based on my marriage to an USA citizen. At the end of the interview, I was given a document requesting more evidence because of an arrest. Will my arrest records affect me getting a green card?

When it comes to criminal issues and filing for a green card, it is extremely important that a particular person with an arrest record for a criminal offense speak with an experienced immigration lawyer. There are certain criminal offenses which may affect the possibility of an approval. There are some offenses that may outright be a bar for getting a green card approved. There are also some offenses that may allow a person to apply for a waiver, which essentially is a pardon. So, depending on the nature of the offense and the totality of the criminal record which may affect good moral character, it is always wise that you speak with an immigration lawyer before you even file the case. The actions taken or not taken may directly impact the results of your case, as well as a possibility that you might be placed in removal proceedings.

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