I received a Notice To Appear

I received a notice to appear in Immigration Court. I am afraid to go back to my country. What can I do with the immigration judge.

So let’s say a particular client receives a Notice to Appear in Immigration Court Executive Office for Immigration Review located at 26 Federal Plaza New York City. The clients first reaction is ordinarily panic. The decision the client makes next can seriously impact the client’s ability to remain in the United States. The decision of the client to hire a lawyer is instrumental. Also, the Immigration lawyer that the client hires may also make a difference in the outcome of the case. At this juncture, the client should likely hire not just an immigration lawyer but an immigration lawyer that has a concentration of cases in that particular Immigration Court. In this particular case, the client should likely hire a lawyer that has many cases in front of the Immigration Court at 26 Federal Plaza New York New York. The client should also do his or her own research and look at the skills and experiences of a particular lawyer or law firm. There is usually no substitute for your own work and research.

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