Debt Settlement: Pointless?

Have you recently decided to consolidate your credit card debt and/or use a debt settlement company to settle credit card debt? Most will be surprised to learn this almost never works. What you’re attempting to accomplish is get a credit card company to accept a fraction of the debt owed. The emphasis is that the credit card company has to be willing to accept your offer. Is there another solution? The answer is unequivocally yes. You can use federal law to wipe out your entire debt, while at the same time repairing your credit score. You will also be surprised to know that most can keep their home, keep their cars, keep their money in their bank accounts and other personal assets as NY and federal law have exemptions available that will likely allow you to keep these assets and still file for bankruptcy. Want to know how? Contact an experienced bankruptcy attorney/chapter 7 attorney that handles cases in Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, Bronx and Long Island. This is likely the ultimate solution to your credit card balance problems.