Credit Card Balance/Debt and Lawsuits

Most people are surprised to find out that filing for bankruptcy can actually help with your credit score. What? A client recently called me from Queens to get some advice pertaining to a lawsuit for a credit card balance that was filed. The client informed me that he had a debt settlement company a year ago to try to settle the debt. It didn’t take too long to figure out that settlement almost never proves to be useful. The client said he was hesitant to file bankruptcy because he thought he would not be eligible and/or it would ruin his credit. I informed the client that this was all misinformation and that the opposite was in fact true. Most people are shocked when they hear that bankruptcy can wipe out all their debt and still help increase their credit score. If you have credit card debt/balances and you live in NYC (Queens, Brooklyn, Staten Island) and Long Island, you should consult with a bankruptcy lawyer. You will likely be surprised that most people can file for bankruptcy and wipe out their credit card debt and still keep all their assets.