I filed for a green card based on my marriage. I have an interview scheduled with DHS USCIS Immigration at 26 Federal Plaza, Ny Ny. What should I expect to happen?

Any marriage based application will require an interview before an Immigration Adjudication Officer. These interviews are usually done at the local immigration office. Ordinarily, when a couple shows up for an interview, they submit their appointment notice. Thereafter the couple usually waits in a waiting Room to be called. That is probably a good time to get your paperwork in order here if you want to make sure you have the original of certain documents as well as updated evidence that would show a joint life. You also want to make sure that evidence of your relationship through photographs have been properly prepared. When the couple is called in by an immigration officer for the interview, they are usually escorted to a room for the interview. The officer will the request the identifying documents such as the passports and other crucial original document such as the birth and marriage certificates. It is also a great idea to pay attention to the instructions of the officer, at some officers will clearly state that stay doing want any communication between the applicant and beneficiary.

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