Filing the I-751, Application to Remove Conditions on Residence – Filing for your Permanent Greencard After the Grant of a Two Year Card

It’s time now to file for your permanent greencard. The application is ordinarily filed jointly (together with your U.S. citizen spouse). We have many clients from New York City (Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, Manhattan, Bronx), Long Island and New Jersey that contact us and tell us that their spouse (husband or wife) will not be signing the application. In many cases, our clients go on to tell us that they’re having marital problems and that their spouse has refused to sign the application and/or is missing and/or has left the marital residence. Can you proceed to file the application without your spouse signing it? The answer is yes. There are exceptions to the joint filing requirement. There are circumstances that permit the filing of the I-751 application on your own based on marital problems and/or based on spousal abuse. This abuse can be mental, emotional and/or physical. If you fall within these categories, do not lose hope. You can file the I-751 (Application to Remove Conditions on Residence) without the involvement of your spouse if you meet certain conditions. You should however consult with an experienced immigration attorney serving New York City – NYC (Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, Manhattan, Bronx), Long Island and New Jersey.