Immigration ICE arrests in NYC (Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, Manhattan, Staten Island)

Is Immigration ICE after you or a loved one? What are your rights?

Let’s remember one thing about our beautiful country and the United States Constitution. Yes, it is this constitution that the President swears to uphold. Is also the same constitution for which our brave soldiers have made the ultimate sacrifice.

I will answer just a few questions that many people ask me.

1. Do you have to open the door when immigration agents knock?

The answer is no. You can ask whether they have a warrant, whether a search or arrest warrant. If they claim they do have an arrest warrant, you may ask them to slip it under the door.

2. Do you have to answer questions?

You should not answer any questions or provide any statement. Obviously, we must be respectful with these agents. However that does not mean we have to acquiesce to everything they want. Tell them that you wish to speak with an attorney.

3. Can immigration come to your workplace?

Usually for agents to come to a workplace, they must be invited by the employer or allowed to enter.

Remember, we are in nation of laws. Immigration agents use these laws to enforce immigration laws and at times use them to deport people. However, never forget that these same laws can be used to your benefit as well in order to obtain legal status and/or fight deportation.