Anti-Immigration Hatred & Immigration Enforcement

By now, everyone has likely heard about the investigation of a hate hate crime in El Paso, Texas where someone allegedly killed over 20 people. Investigators claim that right before the shooting, the alleged shooter posted an anti- Immigration article that blamed Immigration for taking away jobs in the U.S.

Is there any rational basis for the belief that undocumented individuals take away jobs? How does someone obtain work authorization (employment authorization)?

The fact is that most of the jobs performed by undocumented immigrants are jobs the general American public would likely not accept anyway. Another observation is that undocumented immigrants do not comprise the bulk of public assistance recipients, presuming they are even eligible to receive such benefits.

As far as immigrants that have work authorization is concerned, the issue is similar. I will never be convinced that they threaten American jobs. Here’s what I’m struggling with… You mean to tell me an American should be threatened by an immigrant with work authorization who is new to the work force? Well, if that’s the case, so be it … If someone who newly entered the workforce can edge out an American, then that’s just fine in a capitalist economy. It’s about competition. Competition is and always will be great for business. I’ll have zero sympathy for the American who should have had the advantage over a newcomer. It appears to be reminiscent of how children behave. They don’t want something until someone else has it. It’s not convincing at all.

Let’s get back to the following question. How do I obtain work authorization (employment authorization) in NYC (for example)? For the most part, to obtain employment authorization or work authorization, you must have an underlying application. It is usually provided during the pendency of a permanent residence (green card) application or asylum. It is issued before the green card application or asylum application is decided because those applications cab take some time to be approved or decided.