Marriage problems with spouse (husband/wife) and green card (adjustment of status) in New York?

So, you fell in love . . . had a dream wedding and now your dream is turning into a nightmare. To make matters worse, your U.S. Citizen spouse (husband/wife) is threatening to have you deported, even though she abused you!!! Yes, I get a lot of these calls. Calls about the U.S. Citizen abusing the one without status, whether that abuse is physical, mental, emotional . . . The good news is you don’t have to fear. You can file the green card (permanent residency) on your own as an abused spouse. But, you don’t have concrete evidence of the abuse? No police report? No arrest? That is ok. It’s rare that my clients have these. Often times, these domestic violence issues go unreported. Speak to an experienced immigration lawyer that handles abuse case (VAWA – Violence Against Women). Many of my clients that are victims of spousal abuse are actually men.